What's up guys??? Welcome back to my blog. We meet again in this post. This is about The King of Forest And don't forget to comment on my blog. Ok let's start.

Ok it's about The King of Forest. Do you know who's that? Yes that's right, it is lion.And know I will give you some information about lion. 

First Lion is the biggest predator in forest and lion has clasification like this.

Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:MammaliaOrder:CarnivoraSuborder:FeliformiaFamily:FelidaeGenus:PantheraSpecies:P. leo
And then I will tell you about the life cycle of lion but before that let's see to the picture


Plan for My Future Holiday

Now you meet me again on my blog. This about my plan for future holiday. Read and enjoy my blog, ok let's start.

Geva   :" Hello, Good morning Asena and Sano." Asena :" Morning Geva." Sano   :" Morning." Geva   :" How are you today?" Asena :" I'm fine thank you, how about you Sano?" Sano   :" I'm very well, and you Geva?" Geva  :" Of course I'm felling good." Asena :" By the way holiday is coming soon. Do you guys have any plan to do in the holiday?" Sano   :" I don't any plan. Right I still thinking about it. Do you guys have any suggestion? Geva  :" How about you spend your holiday in overseas?" Sano   :" Of course I can do it but it's to cheap." Asena :" ahh it's imposible. Yesterday You still borrow my money.
Geva  :" That's funny Sano. If I have plan to go to the new theme park with my family next holiday.
Sano   :" That…

Grateful Moments

Ok guys now you meet me again on my blog. Now it's my third post. this post is about my exprience when I was feelling grateful. Ok let's start.

I was student  of Junior High school in Purwakarta City when this moment has done. This moment still remembered clearly on my mind. That was saturday on August that day there was a parade. My school was sent representative to follow this parade and I was one of that representative. That representative was about 30 people. This parade was start on 6 pm. And we walk with many people from other representative. We walk to the destination. This journey take a lot of time because when we walked we stopped every few moments.
We arrived at the destination about 10 pm. And at the destination there was a concert. When we were watching the concert one by one of our friend was go home because their parent were pick their up. And until there just me and 3 my friend, I want to go home but  I just remembered that I wasn't picked up by my parent. …

My New Friend

Ok guys now we meet again on my blog. This is my second posting. And now I will post about my experience, when after school I went to the canteen and I met someone and I don't know who he is. And now, he became my best friend until now.

When I was sit in some place in canteen and the seeting in the canteen was very full. I was see someone who looking for seating on that place. And then I called him to sit beside me.

Me     :" Hey come here! You can sit in here, it's free." Him   :" Are you sure? There is not your friend sitting here?" Me     :" Yes, I'm sure. My freind just got home some minute ago." Him   :" Ok, thank you."(while sitting) Me     :" I just see you first time in the canteen." Him   :" Of course, because of me seldom go to the canteen." Me     :" Why you seldom go to the canteen?" Him   :" Because of me always bring lunch box from home." Me     :" Ohh, I see. By the way I  …

It's My Self

Hi! It's me. It's about my self. My name is Asena Tribanyu Begawan and you can call me Asena. I am 15 years old. I was born in Bandung. I am a student and i am study at SMAN 3 Bandung. I was a proud with my self because i can be a student of SMAN 3 Bandung. Usually i spend my free time with my friends or play basketball. I like so much basketball and footbal. On saturday i always play basketball with my friends. My favorite team is Golden State Warrior. Sometimes i watch my favorite team. But sometimes i watch football too.

My school SMAN 3 Bandung is a favorite school in Indonesia. In this year is first for me to be a stundent in here. And this is a pride for me. School in SMAN 3 Bandung is very tired because in here you will get many task. First i came in i was also shock because many task. But after the day by day i wonted too and finally i think that school in SMAN 3 Bandung is exiciting. In this school i want be a good student and a student who has achievement.

Because in…